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Certified, High Value Infrared Viewing Ports

An infrared window allows a thermal imager/ir camera direct line of site to inspect electrical cabinets and other systems without having to open the enclosure to the environment. Our windows come in 2”, 3” and 4” viewable diameters, work with all infrared cameras, are constructed for use in low, medium and high voltage equipment. These windows allow thermographers to inspect electrical equipment without exposing themselves to ‘live electrical components” and help comply with the recommendations of NFPA 70e

The first Element of any risk assessment is the adoption of the hierarchy of control whose first principal is to ELIMINATE RISK. The use of personal protective equipment (PPE) should always be considered as a last resort.

IRISS Infrared windows are used to remove the risk to thermographers by ensuring that they are never exposed to energized electrical equipment while inspecting equipment, therefore ensuring safe IR inspections of electrical switchgear. Additionally the use of this type of inspection methodology means that the switchgear always remains shut during the inspection eliminating 99.9% of the causes of arc flash.

The IRISS VPFR range of IR windows were designed to eradicate the two main failure modes of traditional IR windows using crystal lenses, breakage from impact and loss of function from water ingress. The IR2 lens system used in the VPFR range has the same IR transmission as traditional IR crystals with none of the inherent weaknesses, also the lens system is a fraction of the price of crystals making IR windows a much more cost effective solution that they have ever been.

Why Purchase IR Lenses from Infrared

  • Avoid the risks of Arc Flash by eliminating keeping electrical enclosure doors close!
  • Eliminate the need for a second or third qualified person to unbolt and remove covers
  • Be able to scan equipment with switched interlocks!
  • Monitor suspect components on an on going basis!
  • Complete your inspection in less time
  • 100% Guaranteed for the Life of the Installation
  • Largest Viewing Sizes
  • The ONLY Infrared Window that meets the standard for viewing panes in medium and high voltage equipment IEEE C.37.20.2 and IP65/Nema 4
  • The windows are UL Listed, IP 65 Rated, and have received Lloyds of London Type approval.
  • We offer UL Recognized Polymer AND Crystal Windows to Cover all installation requirements

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  • Arc Flash video
  • Ul certificate of compliance
  • ip65 certificate
  • IEEE specification
  • Confused about transmission?

    We find for most predictive maintenance applications (pdm – electrical) that the absolute transmission rate of the window material is relatively unimportant. Click here to learn more...

    What about Emissivity?

    When inspecting an electrical enclosure you will find components with emissivity ranging from .95 - .15 how do you set your camera up correctly? Click here to learn about setting up standard emissivity targets when you install windows.

    Extra Info

    Our windows are guaranteed. Learn more about our lifetime guarantee by clicking here.